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Products for Occupational Health, Employee Assistance, Safety and Wellness

ZAR171.00Make a Plan by David Patient and Donna Mosher
MAP book imparts valuable information about David Patient's techniques through inspiring stories of those who took what they learned and not only regained their health but were empowered to create successful, purposeful, meaningful lives...
ZAR199.50Make and Plan and Positive Health Combo Pack
Save R15!
ZAR570.00MAP Bulk Pack
5 copies of Make a Plan at R100 each - Save R250!
ZAR570.00David Patients HIV Education Pack
Contains 3 books, 2 DVD's and a HIV Game
ZAR1,162.8010 copy subscription to The Ripple Effect
Get 3 books for free when you subscribe
ZAR655.50Noise Induced Hearing Loss Pack
Great value!
ZAR570.00Positive Health 7th edition - packs of 20
Save R10 per copy when you order 20 or more copies
ZAR39.90Positive Health 7th Edition - single copy
The purpose of the new edition is to provide a person living with HIV – or a carer, family member, friend, support group facilitator – with everything they need to know about living with HIV.
ZAR142.50Set of 5 Body Charts
The Digestive System, The Eyes, Ears and Nose, The Skeletal System, The Brain and The Heart and Lungs. Special Offer normally R285!
ZAR14.82Smiley Stressballs
Can be branded with your logo - ask for a quote
ZAR655.50Noise Induced Hearing Loss Pack
Contains: A3 poster of a cross-section of the ear, 3 X NIHL Awareness Posters, 100 NIHL booklets, NIHL DVD and a copy of Accidents, Consequences and Lessons
ZAR501.60Toolbox Talks Bundle
Toolbox Talks Book Plus Toolbox Talks CD + A Guide to Incident Investigations - normal cost R640 (R175 + R375)
ZAR1,995.00Toolbox Talks Kit
UPDRADED...Contains books, posters, powerpoint presentations etc...Click on details for more...Total value R2319-90
ZAR900.00Labour Law Poster Pack
Contains all the Posters you are required to have as per the law... Click on details below for more info
ZAR228.00Tug of Life
The Tug of Life is an entertaining and uniquely written game plan for life that helps you to unpack life’s complexities by identifying its challenges and solutions.
ZAR228.00Tug of Life - isiZulu