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Products for Occupational Health, Employee Assistance, Safety and Wellness

ZAR900.00Labour Law Poster Pack
Contains all the Posters you are required to have as per the law... Click on details below for more info
ZAR155.00Occupational Health and Safety Act Poster
This is part of the series of A1 laminated OHS posters.This poster includes the full text of the OHS Act relevant to any business concerned about the health and safety of its employees.
ZAR155.00Employment Equity Act
Required by Law
ZAR310.00Labour Relations Act Poster
Set of 2 A1 Laminated Posters
ZAR310.00COID Posters
Set of 2 A1 laminated Posters
ZAR102.60General Machinery Regulations Schedule D
Required to be displayed in the workplace by law
ZAR102.60General Machinery Regulations Schedule C
Required to be displayed by law.