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Diabetes Defeated

Diabetes Defeated!

A person's body gives them a wake-up call when they develop diabetes. Everyone has a choice to radically change their lifestyle and regain their health; or continue on the same trajectory - take their pills and get progressively worse.

Consulting civil engineer, Manogran Govender (51), was diagnosed with diabetes in March 2002, with the typical symptoms of frequent urination, blurred vision, dry mouth, thirst and high blood pressure. He enrolled in a programme offered by endocrinologists that have a centre for diabetes, and consulted dieticians, diabetic nurses and rigorously followed their advice. But his condition worsened rapidly and he soon found himself taking medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and the early onset of arthritis - a known side effect of cholesterol medication.

Being logical and methodical, it dawned on him that having followed the best advice of medical professionals, taken his medication, watched his diet and exercised, he should have become healthier - not worsened. He witnessed the worsening condition of his father and mother-in-law and saw first-hand the effects of a MDR infection and a botched amputation. These events made him determined to change the course of history that conventional medical wisdom deemed to be his fate and that of his children.

He consulted widely, read books written by ordinary people that reversed their diabetes; studied many peer-reviewed published papers in medical journals and read books by medical professionals that were able to reverse diabetes with their patients. He discovered that many people bucked the trend and actually regained their health, by having the right mindset and the skillet necessary to reverse diabetes - to enjoy normal health and maintain an active lifestyle.

Manogran Govender maintains "there are no secrets, no miracle cures or magical machines that can do this. A person's body gives them a wake-up call when they develop diabetes. Everyone has a choice to radically change their lifestyle and regain their health; or continue on the same trajectory - take their pills and get progressively worse."

After 10 years of being on increasing doses of medication, Manogran is no longer on any medication, has normal blood glucose levels and Hba1c, leads a balanced and active life. His book documents his personal journey in reversing diabetes.

"If one were to pick the largest health epidemic on the planet right now, it would have to be diabetes, which, by sheer numbers, stands head and shoulders above obesity, heart disease or cancer. The traditional message still broadcasted by most in the medical profession of this being largely a genetic disease is long past its sell by date. The speed at which the modern lifestyle has brought this condition to the masses far exceeds anything a genetic anomaly could do. In literally three generations, diabetes has exploded into the global population at a rate far greater than any virus or contagion in history. That’s not genetics but a fatal combination of lifestyle and misinformation. For those afflicted, there is little proven hope in following the out dated advice so readily given and which leads to progressive degeneration and pharmaceutical slavery. In fact, when one uncovers the hidden agendas so blatantly at play there, stands revealed an elusive obvious which has no incentive to offer anything other than the status quo.

However, rather than complain at the ‘machine’ or delve deeper into the conspiracy theories of drug or food company balance sheets, instead, one can recognise this ‘obvious’ leads us firmly to a crossroads of choice. On one side is a path of traditional old school advice and the predictable programmed results that lead to a lifetime of compromised behaviour and ‘management’ of the condition. On the other side lies the freedom found in quality self education − in the thousands of examples and case studies of people who have clinically reversed a condition, after being told by ‘experts’ it was irreversible and who simply chose not to listen. A path of possibility. Not grounded in hopes or positive wishful thinking and health-store fads, but cold hard science, mixed with the latest cutting edge research in the most advanced fields of physics, human health, wellbeing and mind-body medicine.

What makes this book different to others that boldly state similar claims or even allow it to challenge such an established sense of monolithic medicinal status quo? Allow me to answer that with a parallel. As a lifetime serial entrepreneur and a long-time student of human behaviour, I am humbled with the ability to occasionally see things from a different point of view to the traditional mainstream. I am often asked either on television or in media interviews ‘what is the main difference between successful and unsuccessful business owners?’ The cliché which most want to hear is successful people are the ones who either had the odds in their favour i.e right place, right time, right idea etc. or those who worked hard, took risks and struggled their way through adversity, or a combination of the two. The classic recipe of luck and hard work. However, if one were to stop at that surface level of thinking it would leave the rest of us believing partly in a sense of fate which leads to the path of being a victim or a victor in life’s roll of the dice which, incidentally, is how many people who are told they have ‘contracted’ diabetes usually feel. But this would ignore not only that freedom of choice but what I have come to believe as the real answer to the question above. The interesting thing is it doesn't just apply to business but all aspects of life.

This answer can be summed up in a simple distinction. Those who follow the path of success, be it in business, academia, love or health and do so with the primary outcome of adding something to themselves (material wealth, recognition, approval, certainty etc.) usually swim upstream for most of that journey. Their work is a testament to the hard work and luck formula above and while the result can be informative or even motivating to the rest of us, it rarely touches the soul in a way that inspires our own greatness. Then, there are the rare occasions where we come across something that carries a different energy to it. It’s not something you can place your finger on or account for on a spreadsheet but its something you can sense, something you can feel. Instead of a technically perfect painting, it shines as a masterpiece. Instead of a song, it becomes a sensation. Instead of a business, it becomes a culture and instead of a message, it becomes a movement.

Upon closer inspection one often finds these anomalies have something in common that transcends skill sets, luck or discipline. Instead, they are created by people who are not focused on or looking for their own personal gain but are driven by a deeper sense of purpose. A sense of mission to pass on a gift to others they believe they’ve been fortunate enough to have found. A gift that touched their own soul in such a way that left them with no alternative but to be compelled to sing it loudly from the rooftops so the rest of us may hear their song and have the choice to be inspired ourselves. Messages like that come from a completely different place and one that doesn't germinate from theory, textbooks or classrooms but from genuine experience and a true sense of personal passion. The book you hold in your hands is one such piece of work.

Meticulously researched, authentically written and an outstanding example of creating a holistic and multi-layered approach to defeating diabetes. If you have ever been given the label of diabetic or know of anyone who has, you owe it to yourself to read this book, free yourself from outdated paradigms and start your own pathway to greatness."

Peter Sage - Best Selling Author www.PeterSage.com

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