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Make a Plan by David Patient and Donna Mosher

MAP book imparts valuable information about David Patient's techniques through inspiring stories of those who took what they learned and not only regained their health but were empowered to create successful, purposeful, meaningful lives...

David Patient is well known throughout southern Africa for education and wellness programmes addressing HIV and AIDS. His work with partner Neil Orr has gone beyond teaching people how to get and stay healthy. Patient and Orr have taught millions that the path to long-term health is travelled best through living a life of purpose and meaning. Positive Health has sold 20 million copies. They have trained tens of thousands in workshops and reached millions through popular broadcast media programmes.

Now Patient shares his twenty years of experience, from his early days smuggling HIV drugs from the United States to South Africa to working with diverse groups, including the Maasai in the Serengeti, impoverished communities throughout South Africa, employees in the casino industry, community leaders in Mozambique, Peace Corps volunteers, and more.

The book imparts valuable information about Patient’s and Orr’s techniques through inspiring stories of those who took what they learned and not only regained their health but were empowered to create successful, purposeful, meaningful lives for themselves and their families. This is information that can be emulated and implemented in health and empowerment programs everywhere.

How Make a Plan will help you and your intervention be more effective–

• By acknowledging differences in perspective and values and how to leverage that. Develop solutions that respect these differences. Start where your target audiences are and not where you think they should be.

• To make no pre-hypothesis or assumptions that you know ‘what their problems are’. Ask don’t tell.

• To step into their worldview and teach from there. Stay flexible!

• How to discover what people think they need – not what you think they need – and give it to them. Learn how to embed your agenda within their desired outcomes.

• Simple ways to verify that the information you deliver is received and understood. Communication is the response you receive.

• Discovering what motivates people and work with that to help them create a compelling future in ways that they are not set up to fail. There is no failure, only feedback.

• Simple and effect methods to reach critical mass using the teach/pay it forward principle.

• Helping your audience gain insights into other peoples ‘ways of being’ through experiential processes. Walking in another’s shoes.

• Giving people tools to deal with emotional issues, in a safe manner, that are holding them back in terms of their personal growth.

• Developing simple monitoring and evaluating tools to ensure what you are doing has a measurable impact. Keep it simple

• Leveraging natural leaders and gatekeepers to your target audience.

• How to engage the whole community in your interventions- take everyone with you.

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