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Positive Health 7th edition

Positive Health 7th edition - packs of 20

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The reality of HIV has changed from a life-threatening disease to a manageable chronic condition, if medically treated. So, the purpose of the new edition is to provide a person living with HIV – or a carer, family member, friend, support group facilitator – with everything they need to know about living with HIV. This includes how and why ART works (treatment literacy), psychosocial support and motivation, prevention and protecting partners, and also nutritional guidelines. It serves as a peer education manual as well. All recommendations (medical) are.

A few things to note about the 7th edition of Positive Health:
• Medical aspects (ART, TB, STIs etc) have been beefed up, and are current with DOH guidelines
• Nutritional guidelines have been simplified
• Mental-spiritual chapters consolidated into one section, and also simplified.
• Home Remedies have been split into two chapters – one for home remedies for common problems (e.g. Skin problems) and the second regarding ‘immune-boosting’ traditional medicines. The latter has been changed completely to explain why taking ARVs and traditional medicines is not a good idea.
The 7th editon is aimed at treatment literacy. Essentially, this is not just an updated version – it has been completely rewritten. The truth of the matter is that the focus is ART, and the new Positive Health reflects this. People are asking a different quality of question nowadays, and our intention is to provide answers to those questions.

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