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Products for Occupational Health, Employee Assistance, Safety and Wellness

ZAR85.50Different Strokes
How to cope in the Aftermath of Stroke Trauma
ZAR180.00Voices of Disability
Voices of Disability contains a myriad of stories outlining the challenges and triumphs of ordinary people with various disabilities written with frankness and sincerity. Each one of the writers is a ‘hero’ in his or her own way...
ZAR171.00Simple way to Learn isiZulu - The Beginning- Isiqalo
Learn isiZulu at your own pace and when convenient. The Beginning- Isiqalo consists of a 28 page booklet and a CD which can be used at home and in the car to learn isiZulu...Learing isiZulu can become a fun family activity in the car.
ZAR285.00Farm Budgets
ZAR285.00Farm Accounts
ZAR285.00Farm Planning
ZAR285.00Veld and pastures
ZAR285.00Rabbits, Bees & Fish
ZAR285.00Poultry Production
ZAR285.00Pig Production
ZAR285.00Sheep and Goats
ZAR285.00Beef Production
ZAR285.00Calf Rearing
ZAR285.00Dairy Cattle
ZAR285.00Animal Health
ZAR285.00Feed and Feeding
ZAR285.00Animal Production: Animal Structure
ZAR250.00Crop Production: Tomatoes & Groundnuts
ZAR148.20Soya Beans
ZAR148.20Peas and Beans
ZAR148.20Onions and Leaks
ZAR285.00Crop Production: Brassicas
ZAR285.00Farm Machinery
ZAR250.00Crop Production: Other Field Crops
ZAR285.00Crop Production: Plantation Crops
ZAR250.00Crop Production: Winter Crops
ZAR285.00Crop Production: Legumes
ZAR285.00Crop Production: Summer Grain Crops and Cotton
ZAR250.00Crop Production: Agronomy & Plant Nutrition
ZAR285.00Crop Production: Soil Science
ZAR285.00Crop Production: Botany & Zoology
ZAR57.00Life Lessons for Boys
Many parents and educators have a mental blind-spot when it comes to 'sex education'. They have the notion that it somehow provides instructions on how to have sex! It doesn’t.
ZAR57.00Life Lessons for Girls
Many parents and educators have a mental blind-spot when it comes to 'sex education'. They have the notion that it somehow provides instructions on how to have sex! It doesn’t.
ZAR91.20Life Lessons for Boys and Girls
Many parents and educators have a mental blind-spot when it comes to 'sex education'. They have the notion that it somehow provides instructions on how to have sex! It doesn’t.
Winning the Battle over Addiction
ZAR171.00Make a Plan by David Patient and Donna Mosher
MAP book imparts valuable information about David Patient's techniques through inspiring stories of those who took what they learned and not only regained their health but were empowered to create successful, purposeful, meaningful lives...
ZAR199.50Make and Plan and Positive Health Combo Pack
Save R15!
ZAR570.00MAP Bulk Pack
5 copies of Make a Plan at R100 each - Save R250!
ZAR570.00David Patients HIV Education Pack
Contains 3 books, 2 DVD's and a HIV Game
ZAR570.00Positive Health 7th edition - packs of 20
Save R10 per copy when you order 20 or more copies
ZAR39.90Positive Health 7th Edition - single copy
The purpose of the new edition is to provide a person living with HIV – or a carer, family member, friend, support group facilitator – with everything they need to know about living with HIV.
ZAR798.00UPDATED! Passport to Health Booklet - Pack of 100 booklets
Perfect for Wellness Days...click on details to see what the booklet contains.
ZAR205.20Diabetes Defeated!
A person's body gives them a wake-up call when they develop diabetes. Everyone has a choice to radically change their lifestyle and regain their health; or continue on the same trajectory - take their pills and get progressively worse.
ZAR90.00A Guide to Incident Investigation by Theo Gregersen
NEW!!! This book will help the incident investigator to conduct an investigation and prepare a suitable report. The author is a former Labour Inspector who investigated numerous incidents.
ZAR175.00Toolbox Talks by Theo Gregersen
This book contains specially designed short informative talks to start the work day or week with reminders and detail that create a positive mind set and attitude for safe work procedures in the workplace.
ZAR501.60Toolbox Talks Bundle
Toolbox Talks Book Plus Toolbox Talks CD + A Guide to Incident Investigations - normal cost R640 (R175 + R375)
ZAR205.20Positively Alive Recipe Book by Alan Brand
Good nutrition is vital for people living with HIV. HIV attacks the body’s immune system, making the body less resistant to fighting infections. While nutrients do not destroy the HIV-virus, healthier eating can help you to live a healthier life.
ZAR250.00A practical guide to Peer Education and Wellness Programmes in SA by David Patient and Neil Orr
The purpose of this manual is to explain as clearly as possible, how to plan a Peer Education programme, using examples and language that can be understood by people who are not experts in planning a programme.
ZAR285.00Accidents, Consequences and Lessons by Theo Gregersen
This book features actual accidents that took place in South African workplaces, Accidents, Consequences and Lessons is the work of Mr Theo Gregersen, a former department of Labour Inspector.
ZAR136.80Safety Savvvy by Dr Tim Marsh and Andrew Sharman
Understand the most important principles in life.
ZAR228.00Tug of Life
The Tug of Life is an entertaining and uniquely written game plan for life that helps you to unpack life’s complexities by identifying its challenges and solutions.
ZAR228.00Tug of Life - isiZulu
ZAR137.99Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations 14 Edition
The Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 requires the employer to bring about and maintain a work environment that is safe and without risk to the health of the workers.
ZAR444.60OSH Act, Appointments and Legal Liabilities
Contains over 50 appointment letters and an accompanying CD