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UPDATED! Passport to Health Booklet - Pack of 100 booklets

Perfect for Wellness Days...click on details to see what the booklet contains.

We are pleased to announce that Passport to Health has been updated and improved.

We have taken pains to ensure that the booklet is as simple and easy to understand as possible while ensuring accuracy in the information provided.

The following key improvements have been made:
· A table has been included in the centre-spread to enable people to record their health screening results over a number of years and thus track changes, spot trends and set targets.
· Duplicate information has been removed.
· Information on low blood sugar, low blood pressure and TB has been included.
In addition to the above the booklet features information on:
Know your numbers: Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Levels, BMI
Healthy Living: Nutrition, Exercise, Smoking, Water consumption, Alcohol
HIV – Know Your Status
The intention of the book is to provide staff with a handy and practical, yet simple guide for healthy living.

Organisations should look at ordering copies in bulk for wellness campaigns and wellness days.

Information in the booklet has been checked and edited by a medical doctor.

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