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Learn isiZulu

Simple way to Learn isiZulu - The Beginning- Isiqalo

Learn isiZulu at your own pace and when convenient. The Beginning- Isiqalo consists of a 28 page booklet and a CD which can be used at home and in the car to learn isiZulu...Learing isiZulu can become a fun family activity in the car.

There are 7 lessons in this program and the CD has 14 tracks.
Tracks 1 – 7 have the English and the Zulu of lessons ,
Tracks 8 – 14 have the Zulu only of lessons 1 – 7 as if one were listening to a conversation.

The booklet contains all the lessons as they are on the CD with some word clues. This will help you to see the structure of the language. The booklet can be read while you are listening to the CD or it can be read on its own.

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